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This section of the section of the Internet owned by me is all about my project, Newmaps.

When complete, Newmaps will be a full four-episode megawad for Chex Quest.

What is Chex Quest you say? Chex Quest is a fun game that was made to promote Chex cereal in 1996.

Newmaps runs on the Doom Legacy engine, available here: Doom Legacy

You'll also need the original Chex Quest, or Doom. Doom II will not work.

Progress report (updated 9/9/10)


Now now now, don't be alarmed by that ridiculously low number. That number refers to Episode IV only. Episodes 1-3 are all complete, and can be downloaded at the link down there. vv

Go here to visit the Wads In Progress page.

Click here to see a bunch of screenshots.

Press the left mouse button while the cursor is over this link to see what people are saying about the game.

Ok, all that said, here's where to donwload the game:

Newmaps - Episodes 1-3

That link contains only the .WAD file. Use it if you're already familiar with installing and running Chex Quest mods.

But in case you don't know how to run mods, I have another file that contains all the necessary stuff set up and ready to go. All you need to do is extract all the files, then run Newmaps.bat.

Newmaps Episodes 1-3 - Full

If you're the historical type, here are all the old beta versions:

Newmaps Beta 11
Newmaps Beta 10.5
Newmaps Beta 10
Newmaps Beta 9
Newmaps Beta 8
Newmaps Beta 7
Newmaps Beta 6
Newmaps Beta 5
Newmaps Beta 4
Newmaps Beta 3
Newmaps Beta 2
Newmaps Beta 1

Much thanks to Boingo the Clown for making The Ultimate Chex Quest, which I used as the base to build my game on.