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You may have heard of the online webcomic The Whiteboard, "Alaska's Coolest Paintball Webcomic". It's about a group of people who play paintball. There's a lot of engineering, explosions, and Dew consumption going on. Quite humorous, and up there on my list of favorite webcomics.

In a recent story, Doc (the main character) battled a squid that mutated out of leftover food that had been forgotten in the fridge. And I was listening to some music while reading it, and I thought: "Hey! This goes pretty good with it!"

So I saved all the strips on my computer, and put them into Windows Movie Maker. Then I put the music in, adjusted the length of each panel, and voila! It looked and sounded great. But at that point, the story was still not over, and I had to wait for nearly a whole month before it ended and I could finish the video.

But it's done now, and here it is:

It Came From The Refrigerator
High quality download
Low quality YouTube link

Music used:
Battle in Oblivion - DigitalPiece
Battlefield Theme - Schultz

I switched back and forth numerous times on which piece of music to use in the second part of the movie, as I had a number of great ones to choose from. But in the end, I decided to go with the Battlefield Theme. It fit the length of the movie perfectly.