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You may be wondering what guys are saying about the game, right?
Well, wonder no more! This page contains some stuff that people said.

"The new levels rule. Keep it up."

"I just tried Newmaps episode 3, and that episode is CRAZY I TELL YOU, CRAZY!

Good job. You freaked the heck out of me."

"I played the new levels and they were GOOD! I was especially amazed at e3m7 and e3m8. Great work!"

"A fine bit of mapping if i do say so myself...

You did an excellent job xbolt!"

The Green Avenger:
"I love E2 so far. Haven't finished it yet, but, then again, I haven't tried. Good work on the "railways" in E2M6. I like em!"

"Map E1M8 was AWESOME. Great job man, keep it up!"

"The levels are very intricate, and everytime I play them, I get a feeling of nostalgia. They FEEL like CQ. Like the original. Cartooney, yet deadly serious."