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This page has a bunch of links to other places. Dangerous places perhaps? I dunno.

The Chex Quest Fan Forums - THE place to go for all the latest happenings.

The Ultimate Chex Quest - Chex Quest with more detailing than you could fit in your fridge. (Where this bad attempt at a joke came from, I'll never know.)

The Chex Quest Wiki - The officially unofficial Chex Quest Wiki.

Wads in Progress - A place where you can talk about your... wads in progress.

Doom Legacy - It's what drives the game - I have to put it here!

The Doom Legacy Wiki - A great site with tutorials on how to do complex stuff for your own levels.

The following have nothing to do with Chex Quest, but I still like them. (They may still be dangerous though.)

(Grouped by category)

Fan Sites for Stuff I Like:

Shur'tugal.com - Shur'tugal is where you can get the latest Eragon related news.

New Doom - A great Doom news site. Has almost daily updates.

Doomworld - Another Doom news site. Occasionally has weekly wad reviews.

Blogs and Webcomics:

Twenty Sided - A blog by Shamus Young, about computer games, anime, D&D, and other geeky stuff like that.

Tales of the Questor - A wonderful, mostly story-driven, comic about Quentyn, a young Raconnan 'Hero for Hire', and his adventures.

Darths and Droids - What if Star Wars as we know it, didn't exist? Instead, it was just a D&D campaign gone off-track? Well... It would probably be something like Darths and Droids.

Irregular Webcomic! - A webcomic, made with pictures of LEGO people. And hilarious to boot. :D

Sandusky - A story about a talking cougar that takes place in Arizona. What's not to like?

The Whiteboard - Engineering, and paintball. In Alaska. With sort of frequent blowing up of stuff.

Precocious - A bunch of genius kids, who cause trouble.

Chibi Miku-san - A webcomic about Hatsune Miku? Why, yes.

And Other Stuff:

Knowledge House - My mom's site. LOTS of stuff for homeschoolers. (Also the host for this very page!)

PC NetwoRx Inc. - I worked here for almost three years, then had to stop due to college. (Alas.) Click the link and get your very own Nutritional Substances!