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This page shows some of the art I've done over the years.


This first one predates (I think) all the other ones. Made a really, really long time ago.
It's exactly what it looks like. A bunch of planets drawn in colored pencil.


These are slightly newer, made for an art class I took in... 2002? Somewhere around there.
Anyway, yeah. An apple and some leaves. Watercolor, with a felt pen for the shading, I believe.

Still Life

This is a still life from the same art class.

Line Art

The rest are all from the art class I took in Spring 2009 at PVCC.
This is a still life drawn with just lines and a little shading. Done in charcoal.

Still LifeStill Life

Two much better still lifes, again using charcoal.

Paul Revere

This is probably the one I'm most proud of from that class. We were supposed to take a potrait done by a pro artist, and make a copy of it. Using charcoal. Again. I did this portrait of Paul Revere.


This is a drawing of the mountains you see when you look out the back window of my house.
And yes, it was done in charcoal.